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Why God is my Only Best Friend
Why God is my Only Best Friend

Why God is my Only Best Friend

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Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues are becoming very common amongst people. In this book, explore the mentality of Mr. FOG as he takes on a psychological approach of his personal story on how he overcame the issues in his mind. His solution was putting God first as he understood that the Almighty was, is and will always be His only best friend.

Below are the topics that are included in the book:

  • Does God even exist?
  • Purpose of life
  • Emotions are vital
  • God only knows your heart
  • Sincerity is a must
  • Our environment shapes us
  • Control your anger
  • Don't be a people pleaser
  • Jealousy destroys us
  • Your soul needs you
  • Why God creates rules
  • We are all sinners, don't lose hope
  • Repentance strengthens you
  • Do good deeds
  • Hope v.s Fear
  • Mercy v.s Justice
  • Don't blame destiny
  • Do your best in this life
  • Motivated by the afterlife
  • No use overthinking
  • Anxiety and depression are not your friends
  • Hardship as a test
  • Patience is the key
  • You must have self-love
  • Your addictions are lying to you
  • Loneliness
  • Forgiving heals you
  • Serve others

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