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After reading this, you will totally be convinced to have God as your best friend too. First, I would like to compliment the Author for being courageous enough to share his personal story. It is very inspiring as while sharing his troubles, he also shares how to overcome them too. How God helped him and how he can help us too with our life troubles whether its mental issues, addictions to sin. My favorite chapter was: Do your best in this life. This book also stood out for me, by how the author was able to easily connect with me as the reader. I really loved the advice offered and will definately apply many of them in my life. This is definitely a spiritual and wonderful book filled with great advice on how to live life to the fullest and how to always trust God. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to be uplifted, motivated and blessed.

Sequence D

Mr. Fog has a very reader-friendly writing style, and an engaging premise. I loved reading the personal anecdotes from his own life as he developed a stronger connection with his religious beliefs. Definitely worth reading.


It was much engaging. I like the style which is easily accessible to the common man

A. Diallo

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